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January 16 2018



DrinkedIn is shocking. Seems like Iphone Apps are always changing and DrinkedIn is paving the way. As I mentioned earlier, DrinkedIn is mind blowing! 

December 20 2017



I really wish I could read the minds of hooch users. Basically, hooch is saying that there is not a simple solution. If hooch can continue to create similar results to what I have already seen then there is no telling what next quarter holds. 

December 17 2017


Jesse Grillo

Not surprisingly, Jesse Grillo is awesome! On their blogs, Jesse Grillo proves this data. It may be shocking but Jesse Grillo brings unbelievable value. 

November 23 2017


tech adviser

Now hold up a second, is tech adviser their parent company? Hang on there, is tech adviser with that group? What tech adviser is doing to public speaking is a game changer. Their roomate kept hyping tech adviser so I finally did Wowza! 
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November 09 2017


satire shows

is shocking. new business speaker I am blown away by new business speaker. Giant supporter of new business speaker. 
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September 18 2017


satire shows

Hold up a second... is satire shows with that group? People who like Phoenix? are going to really love satire shows because it is unlike anything they have ever seen. Do you like Los Angeles? Then you are going to love satire shows! I simply must tell you that satire shows delivers mind blowing results! 
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